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The Animal Project






Ilona Gansovskaya

The Animal Project


Documentation of XXI century


The situation that was turned out on Earth is absurd and disgusting in spite of reason of beings who can influence it, in spite of us. Everybody must be able to influence. We offer the radical reappraisal of positions with the creation of powerful unit of documentation that could give equal rights to everybody alive.

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Ill begin with animals, because there are seven incontestable points that tell about advantages of animals construction as opposed to humans arrangement. We can see some of them:

- A human being needs some clothes. Without clothes, this being is not capable of any activity, especially of professional activity (Imagine!)

An animal on the contrary is self-sufficient in this regard: the clothes grow on it from its birth.

- the legacy of civilization as meanness, cynicism, cupidity, drugs, corruption, treachery is not inherent to animal.

For fairness sake, Ill notice some positions that prove the animals deficiency in comparison with man. For example:

- an animal, as a rule, is small and tasteless. Really, Petrovna from second floor, if well cooked, is more tasty.

So, its not doubtful that we must revise our relations with environment that surrounds not only our relatives and us.

You see whats going: fucking snowfall or terrible warming, that in nearest future (maybe during the lie of your grandson Pavlik) can flood a half of Europe

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The humanity finally (from some above the sea level) is the family groups of predatory, cruel parasites like senseless fleas that populate Vasilich cat, who lives in the courtyard the 17, Ordynka Street.

There is only difference between parasites and us: presence of mind in human sense of this word.

But most people are fully and senselessly confident that the gift of mind is not connected with responsibility of reasonable being.

John Sorman, Amundsen, Nils Bohr, Lao Tze, Copernikus, Jeanne dArc, Herbert Marcuse, Tom Waits, Chekhov, Churlyonis, Andrjei Waida, Moby, Astrid Lindgren, Venedict Erofeev, Vivien Lee, Petrov-Vodkin, Peter Greenway, Enya, Halldoor Lacks ness And than? Things are looking bad. Ruin of nature, war, terrorism.

The great cultural layer accumulated in the centuries, intellectual and scientific potential dont work.

So, maybe the new global legal action will save the situation. As everything in human society that brings any results, this action must have the openly terroristic character.

Lets examine the new position briefly.

We give the equal rights to any living being. It can be the callous creature uncle Vitia who sells the skins of little foxes for hats or the dog Dick, St. Bernard dog, who saved more than 15 drowning and frost-bitten people, maybe the foreign uncle Vitia among them.

The rights of man

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Actually, the uncle Vitia, The Killer of fox-mother, who incarcerated its red children in smelly garage for skinning them too when they will grow, this uncle Vitia is absolutely unpunished and possesses all the vaunted human rights.

And according to the new laws, he can be punished without constraint. Well be capable to skin him and his children and make the shopping bags from their skins. Notice the new profitable branches that will appear in economy! Or, if you cant refuse to eat living beings, you can ritually eat uncle Vitia. In his own garage, with samogon, is not so tasty!

The meal, tinned meal, delicacies The ecological balance, the threat of overpopulation and of exhausting of Earth resources disappears.

In addition, every family, every citizen takes the responsibility of maintaining one or more animals. The animals must be treated with kindness, provided with meal, that the quantity must be determined by independent experts. In these checking committees work there fearless officials that follow the new rules being execeeted. Well have the new places for work!

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In case of negligence on the pact of animals owner (even the term owner will be revised), the officials can punish him by getting him away from his house. The owner becomes the homeless person; maybe, regretting, he will remember his dog thrown away from his house in winter, or newborn cats that were left in his country house without meal (there is some very good furniture in his city flat)

Further. Persons that cant find the job in large expanses of Russia (we take Russia as an example), drunkards, beggais or thieves, are very suitable for working in shelters for homeless animals. Afterwards these people will work there with enthusiasm till their death. Their enthusiasm will be below the control, but these shelters will get there people the meal and the roof so needed.

This part of rules has one correction: About former owners. They cant work in these shelters, they are homeless forever, feeding on cesspits. They are the good quarry for hunters seeking the skin and the hair.

From the point of a Philistine in fur hat the picture is unpleasant. But what is the  difference between this picture and the actual situation? No difference.

Now the prostitute from Nizhny Tagil city working in frout of Intourist hotel has the fur-coat from the skin of, for example, St. Bernard Dick. And in our case, Dick will have the beautiful and comfortable leash from the soft woman skin.

But there is another correction. The lady from Nizhny Tagil city will be utilized most likely for cat meal.

And the high-quality expensive goods for animals will be made from the high-society people skins. From the skins of fur-coats lovers who pretend that they dont understand what kind of pain, horror and blood is necessary to make these clothes.

We have some sketches for the Animal Project here. The general direction. Some words about the animals exclusively.

For fairness sake we must add that afterwards when we examine the animals more closely, we can find some animal features not very pleasant as human ones.

Vasilich the cat, for example, is quite insolent and pestering creature. In 17, summer, when he makes his impudent walk through the windows of ground floor in Bolshaya Ordynka Street, he usually steals there, pinches Valerian from medicine chests, drinks it, stains the ironed linen with his dirty pads But Brysia the cat loves him.

So, while all the animals are in suck a terrible position, while their children are usually skinned and eaten, every animal, even Vasilich the cat, has the martyrs crown.

As you see from the text, for the new mechanisms implementation we need the new system of documentation, that you can see there an example.

Brysia the cat participated in preparation of these texts.

Moscow 25x11, 1999+2

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